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Exciting New Update!

I know it has been longer than a week since my last post but I was waiting for some news before I posted this next post.

I was offered a transfer serving job with Longhorn Steakhouse which I have been working at all weekend. I also interviewed with a few Theatres last week.

I flew home and picked up Tutu last weekend and she is LOVING her new home here. She has a new bed on the window that she looks out at all the time.

Now for the most exciting news....

I have accepted a full time job with Lyric Theatre on their production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts 1 and 2! On top of working there I will also be working part time with TED as a fire guard and helping with the events and talks they hold here in the city! I will also still be picking up a few shifts a week at longhorn on days that I am not working the other jobs.

This last week and the beginning of this new week has just been such a whirlwind of exciting news and opportunities!

I start my training next week so I will be sure to post again with new things and how everything is working out!

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