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Well now I have officially started a new chapter in my life. On December 9th I walked with my friends and fellow K-Staters to end our college chapter together. I then finished my finals the next week where I officially got my first 4.0 of my college career. I then finished my last day as a bartender with Longhorn Steakhouse. I packed up the rest of my belongings and left Manhattan, KS forever (or at least for the time being). I am not in Albuquerque for a quick vacation and to visit family and then the next thing I know I will be moving to the Big Apple to start my journey as a full fledged adult.

I might have had more panic attacks and doubts than I would like to admit about starting this next journey, but now i am just getting excited. I will be living in the city that never sleeps and I will be able to work and travel and experience life without having to worry about due dates for papers and important exams. This new chapter of life will be different than any other one I have experienced thus far. This is my time to shine and really push myself to see what I am made of.

So to my fellow graduates: Congrats! We did it. Happy graduation to the K-State class of 2017! We will do amazing things and we will always have these memories and experiences to share.

To the rest of the world: Get ready because here we come!!

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