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My Life in a Box

Aubrey was born in the dead heat of Summer in Wichita, Kansas. She traveled a lot growing up and lived all over the world.

Aubrey started working on productions in middle school but really fell in love with it in high school where she did everything from acting, design, tech, backstage, and directing. 

Aubrey started at Kansas State University as a Bakery Science major, but a trip to the UK changed her path to Theatre. 

She graduated from Kansas State University in December of 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Directing. She has the pleasure of getting many opportunities to direct. 24-hour play festival, assistant directing the world premiere of Forward, directing Boy Gets Girl, and doing a staged reading of Fucking A. 

Young child blonde short hair with a phone receiver in her hand up to her ear. wearing a black shirt
toddler, blonde hair with a ponytail on top of head. camo overalls on a chair
adult on box office window counter. holding degree wearing black graduation cap and gown
group of 7 graduates wearing black graduation caps and gowns. standing next to each other.
Baby laying on belly with blanket over bottom half of body. short brown hair
group of many people making funny faces and poses all close together.
young girl wearing snow helmet and goggles. full black snow suit holding a black and green snowboard
Girl wearing glasses, peace sign with both hands, straw in mouth. giant margarita in front

Right after graduation Aubrey packed her bags and headed for NYC. 

Aubrey has many talents including but definitely not limited to: speaking German, organizing the peoples lives around her, baking and cooking, laughing at her own jokes when others don't, and finding the light in the darkness.  

Since moving to NYC she has made her directing debut with Secret Theatre. She has worked at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Mustard Lane and Daltons Sports Bar. She currently works at Discovery Programs coaching Gymnastics and TED Talks as Lead Fire Guard and a Covid Compliance Officer. She has recently worked on a production of Minotaur written by Matthew Gasda as the Stage Manager, Sound Designer and Costume Designer. Aubrey was then a part of a production of Mercy also written by Matthew Gasda as the Production Manager. Her favorite place is Brooklyn Bridge Park. It calms her and really puts her life in perspective. In her free time, she is finding new places to try and exploring the city she calls home.

young woman wearing all black with a purple crossbody purse standing arms open in Times Square
Young woman leaning against a barrier with a water canal behind her. teal shirt, dark jeans.
5 people standing next to each other with protest signs
young woman standing with arms out and above her head wearing a baseball cap. white sand and bluesky

Aubrey is currently studying to get her Masters of Arts in Performing Arts Administration at New York University. She will graduate in the spring of 2024.

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