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Salt By Matthew Gasda

Brooklyn Center for Theatre Research Brooklyn

Salt explores multi-generational queerness. What is it like for someone whose political affiliations doesn't align with their lifestyle? We go on to explore what is truly at stake for those who live their true lives in secret and those who are with them in public. And what happens when it becomes too much for one and two opposing forces are left to pick up the pieces. 

The Plunge By Mitchell J. Ward

Secret Theatre Queens

Relationships are already hard work, but the added struggles of a partnership that is multi-cultural and multi-racial is sometimes too much. Not all fights and breakups come from extreme situations. Some can be simply frustration over one of the partner's roommates clogging the toilet. In this piece we explored misogyny, white privilege, and microaggressions in the form of a clogged toilet.

Fucking A By Suzan-Lori Parks

Purple Masque Theatre Manhattan, KS

This staged reading explored our real world issues surrounding racism, greed, privilege, violence, sexism and police brutality using a apocalyptic world with Hester who bares a scarlet A. We used this play to guide the audience and cast in a talkback and conversation. 

Boy Gets Girl By Rebecca Gilman

Purple Masque Theatre Manhattan, KS

Women are hardly believed when it comes to harassment, intimidation, stalking and violence. When they are believed the system is not set up to help them. We explored a blind first date that goes from awkward and uncomfortable to terrifying and dangerous. This play does not have a happy ending. Girl ends up having to move halfway across the country to escape a boy that is trying to control her, and have her. 

Academic Writings

Titles go to full writings and PDF downloads

This paper examines the term 'immersive' when it relates to theatrical performances. It focuses on two examples: Punchdrunk's Sleep No More and the Keen Company's The Year of Magical Thinking. What is immersive and what does this style mean for the future of theatre

Albuquerque's International Balloon Fiesta is an over 50 year event that has attracted visitors from all over the world every year in October. This week of events brings in a majority of the tourism revenue for Albuquerque as well as the whole state of New Mexico. This paper analyzes what is currently working and recommends steps to not only increase the revenue for the city and state but also local communities and organizations,

Place marketing is not a new phenomenon, however, is it something that a government needs or should focus efforts and money into. This paper examines the United Kingdom and one of its most recent marketing plans to increase tourism both internally and externally. The want from tourists is already there so how much does this type of marketing really add to the overall numbers. 

Creative Placemaking has at times been morphed into an evil that displaces members of communities that are overrun by transplants. When the 'beautification' begins in an area it is usually done so with good intentions. Creative Placemaking is the art of uplifting an area and a community in a way that utilizes, enhances and upgrades the land. This placemaking plan is for the Wichita, KS area, specifically downtown and it is a focus on the unhoused community and the problems with addiction that has risen in the city. It takes a look at how abandoned buildings downtown can be repurposed to support a community that is normally pushed out and unwanted. 

The Unicorn Theatre is a small theatre organization in the downtown Kansas City area. This paper is an analysis of the current community engagement efforts as well as their audience development initiatives they have in place. I then propose a plan, timeline and metrics of success to cultivate a stronger connection to the communities that make up KC. 

This analysis looks at Augusto Boal's Theatre of the Oppressed and Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I discussed several themes from each of their writings that I feel encompass their ideologies. It then goes on to discuss the similarities of the practices and their shortfalls. Finally I look at how these two practices and teachings can be used in the future. 

Other Works

Images are links to more photos and information

Devised Piece NYU

Dublin, Ireland

What does it mean to be Irish? 5 Americans guided by an archive; made up of interviews, site visits and personal experiences; create a path exploring the feeling of not being staunchly Irish to feeling 'feckin' (local vernacular) staunchly Irish. Through a series of vignettes featuring an original song, monologues, poetry, and scenes the performance opens up the question of what it means to be Irish and answers what we have come to learn about this place. We invite the audience to participate throughout the performance; starting with inviting them to create the rain and then inviting them to join us in the 'pub'. Other examples of audience engagement tools we used ranged from call and response, sing-along and cheers and chants for Gaelic football teams. 


Chloe Saves Christmas By Dr. Flappy Manders, DDR

The Tank NYC

This raunchy Christmas comedy has been a reoccurring opportunity for me to grow my skills as a stage manager. This file has several of my documents as the production has grown from a sloppy on book performance to a full fledged production. 

Minotaur By Matthew Gasda

Forgotten Works Brooklyn

Minotaur was my first experience as a stage manager to an underground form of theatre. I went in with the level of professionalism needed for an equity contract at a major theatre. I ended up assuming not only the role of stage manager but also co-director, costume designer, house manager, and a new role for me as sound designer. This was a production that made me really grow not as a professional but also as a person capable of advocating for myself. 


Forward By Chantal Bilodeau

Purple Masque Theatre Manhattan, KS

This was my first experience as an assistant director as well as working on a world premiere of a production. It was incredible to observe the professionals that came in to create this work. This was also my first experience with Viewpoints and the start of my devising journey. 

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