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My First blog post

Hello everyone,

This page started as a class project and has now turned into a great place to see what I am up to in my life and career. I should first start with what my plans are for my future.

I graduate December 9th from Kansas State University with my Bachelor of Arts in Theatre my emphasis is in directing. After graduation I am going to enjoy my holidays with my family in Wichita and in New Mexico. Once the holidays are over I am moving to NYC to start my life in the Big Apple and hit the ground running with my career in theatre. I don't have a job up there solidified yet, but I hope to find a company or a director to work for and gain connections and other jobs. I will be serving or bartending for sure when I get up there to survive.

Beyond that I have no other plans except to enjoy myself and live life.

Stayed tuned for other posts about my travels, my job, my life, and of course my cat Tutu will make appearances on this page from time to time. For the time being I will leave you with this photo of her.

Signing off,


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