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Life in the Big Apple

So it has been awhile since I have updated about my life. So bear with me we have some ground to cover.

Beginning of January I moved to NYC to start my post-grad life. It was a bit more of a struggle than I had planned and was getting very beaten down by things not going exact, but I can now happily say that I found an apartment and am all moved in!

After finding my apartment everything just started moving so fast. I moved in had my first night officially in my new place. I went to the grocery store and attempted the subway back from Trader Joes after my first grocery store attempt left things still on my list. (Which by the way I do not recommend going to Trader Joes for the first time ever at 5 PM on the Saturday before the Super Bowl)

Now that I am all unpacked there is nothing stopping me from figuring out a job and getting work with finding theatre things to keep my hands and mind busy. I am applying to fellowships, internships, apprenticeships and other -ships if they will take me. I am looking for anything I can find and submitting my resume and personalized cover letter for each one. I don't know where my first big break will be but I can't wait!

One thing I can admit has been a struggle is being away from everyone I know. I have always viewed myself as very independent and able to just jump into any scary situation and come out happy I did it, but this time has been harder to jump. I know that I will be fine and I will meet people soon enough but as I sit here binge watching Jane the Virgin (from season 3 because I fell behind) I can't help but feel that fear and doubt.

In other good news in a few weeks I will be flying back to Wichita for a few days to bring my cat back with me to our new place!

I am making it a goal of mine to update this blog once a week at least or whenever something big happens in my life.

So stick around because this is only the first chapter of my adventure in NYC.

So until next time...

Signing off from my cozy bed in Brooklyn,


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